Linc Service

The Linc Service Network is a world leader in HVAC commercial service. Comprised of over 150 commercial HVAC contractors, the Linc Service Network spans every major metropolitan market in North America. Combining the best of both worlds, the attention and service of independently owned local contractors, and the worldwide resources of an international corporation;
Linc Service Contractors can do it all.

Linc Service Contractors

As a Linc Service Contractor, we have trained professionals on staff who can engineer solutions for your facility's changing needs. As your business continues to grow and evolve, we are there to help modernize, upgrade or completely redesign your HVAC systems to complement your organizational changes. What makes the Linc Service Contractor different is we provide you with the financial justification that identifies your savings, savings you will realize due to more energy-efficient HVAC equipment that's properly upgraded, maintained, and operated.

Linc Service Code of Ethics

  • We will always listen to and understand the needs and concerns of our customers;
  • We will always engage in fair, competitive pricing policies for all agreements;
  • We will always deliver what we've promised, when we've promised;
  • We will always practice excellence in all performed construction, service and maintenance work;
  • We will always stand behind our work;
  • We will always remember that the customer is our lifeblood.
Linc Service